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Happy Girl's Day!

Updated: Mar 20, 2019

In Hawaii, one does not have to be Japanese to know about Hinamatsuri. Grade school memories are made sweeter with paper dolls, pink mochi, and boys being a little nicer than usual. This is Girl's Day. Brought by early Japanese immigrants to Hawaii, this holiday remains to be a beloved tradition in the islands. While the privileges granted on Girl's Day are small, like being first in the lunch line and getting dismissed to recess before the boys, it left a significant impact on me until this day.

As a child, I appreciated being appreciated- for nothing more than being a girl. It taught me that my femininity was something worth celebrating. American educators often emphasize becoming strong independent women. This Japanese holiday reminds us that it is also okay for girls to be girly and to love the color pink.

Today, Girl's Day is still celebrated in Hawaii, but seems to have lost its fire. Perhaps like the muʻumuʻu, it is just in need of some revitalization. At Muumuu Mamas we believe that the feminine spirit is something to be nurtured, and that this very spirit carries tradition through generations. The food we eat, the clothes we wear, and the holidays we love can all be traced to the careful planning of women. The mochi we share on Girl's Day is made by the hands of mothers, from the recipe books of their mothers. Girl's Day reminds us that because of girls who become women, ordinary days are turned into celebrations.

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