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4 Tips For Your May Day Look

In Hawaii, May Day is Lei day! Every May 1st since 1929, we have celebrated Hawaiian culture through lei giving and hula performances. Whether you're headed to a parade, a school May Day production, or any other lei related festivities, you will need to be dressed for the occasion. We've got some tips to make sure your look lives up to this Aloha filled day.

1. Lauhala Anything

It doesn't matter if it's a bag, fan, bracelet, or hat. Lauhala anything is essential for the perfect May Day outfit. This classic accessory will tie together any aloha look.

2. Flowers (obviously..!)

It isn't Lei Day without a pua or two...or as many as you can get your hands on.

3. The right muʻumuʻu

This is the day to embrace the the most vibrant muʻumuʻu in your wardrobe. May Day is the perfect occasion to wear your loudest floral prints.

4. A Smile

Leis have the power to bring feelings of warmth to anyone. May Day reminds us of the happiness held in a single strand of flowers. It's no wonder the people of Hawaii have been gifting each other with leis throughout these islands' history. It truly is the smallest things in life that bring the greatest joys. It doesn't matter if you are giving or receiving a lei, your May Day look is best worn with a big smile.

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